How to use this search feature

  • This searches across all the documents on the site – the early newsletters, Wanderlusts and Annual Reports – totalling several thousand pages. You may get a large number of hits and need to refine your search – see below.
  • Documents pior to 2000 have been scanned and OCR'd (a process of recognising the shapes of letters and creating text from that). OCR is not perfect and mis-reads are common – especially if the original document was unclear, faint, damaged, etc. So you won't necessarily get all occurrences of your search term.
  • The search results identify the documents your term appears in but won't take you directly there. To find the reference, open the document and search again within it – try the shortcut Control F on PC, Command F on Mac.
  • Be aware of alternative names and abbreviations – Ruapehu vs National Park, Memorial Hut vs Mem Hut, etc.

Refining your search

  • Searching for cascade will produce all occurrences of that word, so references to a cascade, Cascade Hut, Cascade Kauri (Park), Cascade Saddle, etc.
  • Searching for Cascade Hut will give all documents that have the words ‘cascade’ and 'hut’, either together or separately. So there may not be any references at all in the document to Cascade Hut.
  • For this, use quotes around your search term – “Cascade Hut”.
  • For alternative names, you can use 'or': entering Egmont or Taranaki will find all documents containing either or both words.
  • You can also use 'not' to exclude a word: kokako not baiting will show all documents containing references to kokako that don’t also include the word baiting.