Wanderlust 2010s

Wanderlusts 1930 - 1939

The 1930s was a very active period for the Club:
- every nook and cranny of the Waitakeres was explored, mostly using our Club hut Ngaro Te Kotare as a base
- a second Club hut Te Hapua was built in the Hunuas
- special bus and lorry transport was arranged, enabling trips much further afield
- mountaineering, climbing and skiing trips were added
- war broke out in 1939 and many of “our boys” enlisted.

And of course in December 1936 the monthly newsletter was given a name and Wanderlust was born.

Click on the links below to all the 1930s tramping programmes, 3 editions of The Hobo (the precursor to Wanderlust), the first Wanderlusts from 1936 on and two editions of The Aniwaniwa Gazette from 1937.