Wanderlust 2010s

Wanderlusts 1960 - 1969

Wanderlust saw several innovations in the 1960s. An Editor’s Mailbag column was added and adverts and drawings started to appear. The Personals column was renamed Chatterings. A few editions were printed in either blue or red ink, and the first photograph appeared in August 1963.

From mid-decade Wanderlust became more substantial, often reaching 12 pages or more, swelled by the number of trip reports.

A bumper 24-page 40th Anniversary edition was produced in October 1965.

The main Club milestone this decade was the ambitious Memorial Hut extension project involving 14 working bees and almost 500 man days worked. In 1961 the Club’s Hunua hut, Te Hapua, was demolished. A Veteran’s Section was formed in 1963.

The dozens of extraordinary trip reports are the highlight of 1960’s Wanderlusts.