Wanderlust 2010s

Wanderlusts 2010 - 2019

In 2015 the Club turned 90, celebrated with a significant event at our Ngaro Te Kotare hut.

Another major event of the decade was the relinquishment of Memorial Hut in 2018 following several years of deliberations and concerted efforts to increase member patronage.

A sister club relationship was established with the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club, and reciprocal trips organised. An under 40s group and an arrangement with Western Springs College Tramping Club both showed promise but faded after a couple of years.

Kauri dieback track closures in the Waitakeres severely restricted the Club’s local day tramp options.

In 2012 Wanderlust went digital with pdf editions published on our website. We also started a FaceBook page and an online Meetup group.

Markedly better photo quality is a feature of Wanderlusts in the 2010s. In 2018 we moved to printing in colour and the magazine had its first major revamp in 40 years with a reworked masthead and format.